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CuBeaver Jambo 2011 REPORT

So the many months of planning have come to an end and CuBeaver Jambo has been and gone, after having time to relax and look back, WHAT AN EVENT!

The event had been planned to celebrate the Beavers 25th birthday and Cubs 95th birthday.

Did you miss it? Let me recap the day to you...

Meeting at various coach points around the county, 29 coaches headed towards Walton Firs Activity Centre. Upon arrival, the Beavers, Cubs, leaders and parents got their first glance at what was available.

A 16 seater flight simulator, a 70ft slide, human table football, bungee run, pony hop racing, 9 hole crazy golf, a magician to name a few items they passed while being escorted to their district bases across the ravine.

From these bases, they could see birds of prey and indoors, Gina was the star celebrity reptile (a yellow snake.) Making their way back over the ravine, Radio Jackie entertained while the final few coaches were unloaded ready for the day. A few announcements later and the countdown began... 5,4,3,2,1 and away the 1500 went, to go where they want, try new events and meet new people.

The noise volumes went up as the charge to the activities left a vacant area around Radio Jackie. Additionally to the earlier events, climbing, caving, the maze, bows and arrows, archery and the shop were available all from the site staff, and finally, each district had provided bases in themed areas for them to try. All of these were included in the one event price, so no one had to pay anything on the day.

A police car and fire engine also arrived throughout the day, but were on call and had to depart for a shout. They returned later and bought a few 4 legged dog friends with them.

With a break for lunch, all activities closed and the bird of prey team held a display in the lower field. After lunch, again they were free to do what they wanted until 4pm. The break out was captured by our roving reporter,the county chairman, from the top of the slide.

Never has so many dispersed so quickly, queues formed again around the site. Leaders continued to supplement the site activities with cocktails, marshmallow biscuits, Herculean challenges, a rope bridge, crossbows, bows and arrows and bingo to name a few more. Over 65 different events could be seen across the site.

The day ended with the Beavers and Cubs collecting their bags heading back to Radio Jackie before boarding their coaches home back to their district. Smiles were seen on many coaches as they departed down the drive.

Comments were quickly seen on Facebook, tweeted on twitter with many messages of thanks sent on via email.

         Richard Feltham

had fun at the County Cubeaver Fun Day! Melting marshmallows into a gooey sandwich between chocolate biscuits!

         Mark Sherry

Cubeaver Jambo was an excellent day, the organisers can be proud of a job well done

         Anne Mayley

‎...who knew spending a day with Beavers/Cubs could be so fun!! Twas a good trip :)

         Adam Crowhurst

"We went to the Cub Beaver day on coaches which was fun. There were lots of cubs and beavers there and lots for us to do. My favourite was the flight simulator. I went on it three times. It was wicked. We played football with some of the other cubs and also got to buy an ice cream from the shop as we were so hot. We went home by coach and I fell asleep as it was a long day."

The event would never have happened without the support of the districts, the Walton Firs service crew, the representatives who joined the ACC's on the committee and the many hours put in chasing people, booking events and the endless paperwork!

Thank you, for what was the biggest party to celebrate the 2 birthdays.

The View from the ground...

The View from the top of the slide...


The Big Bungee Run competition between

County Chairman - Sam Allan and Croydon District Commissioner - Steve French.



Karl Bromley & Caroline Dyer

ACC Beavers and ACC Cubs

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