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D of E Bronze and Silver Expeditions

This is the expedition programme for 2021. Within GLSW, we have details of 3 Districts offering DofE walking expeditions and they are often available to Explorer Scouts in other Districts. We'd recommend you sign up for the expedition with the most convenient dates and training location. Places are limited so early applications are essential. If you are an Explorer Scout in a unit that is not organising its own DofE expedition, you need to make sure you sign up for one - this is not automatic as part of the DofE registration process.

Croydon District

Croydon's DofE club meets in central Croydon and offers help to all Guide/Senior Section, Explorer/Network Scouts, Young Leaders and Leaders under 25, towards completion of all DofE award levels as well as organising expedition training and expeditions.


Calling Explorers and Young Leaders wanting to do their DofE Bronze or Silver Awards

These sessions will be run on Sunday afternoons on the following dates and are open to anyone from GLSW. They will be delivered either on Zoom or face to face in South Croydon when Covid restrictions ease.

6 December 2020: Personal and team expedition equipment.

20 December 2020: Map interpretation

10 January 2021: First Aid and Safety

24 January 2021: Accompanied training walk (half-day)

7 February 2021: Route cards and how to complete them

21 February 2021:  Final route planning for practice expeditions

7 March 2021: Food and menus

21 March 2021: Tents and stoves (Practical)

If you wish to take part you must be registered for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and contact Chris Dean by email at tinkerscorner@aol.com by 5 December 2020 at the latest. The Zoom login details will be sent by return email.

Richmond, Royal Kingston and Sutton District Expeditions (Bronze and Silver)

James Sawdy (Royal Kingston), Jon Parker (Sutton) and Dave Wright (Richmond District) are part of the team that is offering Bronze and Silver expedition training and expeditions in 2021. These expeditions will be on foot and are open to all Explorer Scouts in GLSW. Anyone wishing to undertake expeditions by alternative means of travel should please let their District DofE Advisor know and they will try put them in touch with others doing the same thing.

Explorer Scouts are welcome to join us even if they are undertaking the rest of their award through school/cadets/another organisation. Our expeditions offer substantially better value for money than expeditions run by most schools and, because Explorer Scouts tend to have a higher base level of ability and competence, the quality of the expedition experience that we offer is better than many schools can match, too.

For 2021 expeditions, The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has made numerous temporary changes to the rules to allow expeditions to take place during COVID-19 restrictions. Many of these changes can be found here.


  • Due to COVID restrictions the delivery of each training session will be altered to suit the current situation. Here is a summary of the training.
  • Regular Zoom calls for all activities that do not require a physical meeting e.g. Introductions, Safety, Food, Route Planning and Project Planning.
  • Physical meetings will be arranged where required for skills such as Navigation, Kit checks and Camp Craft.
  • Practice and qualifying expeditions will be delivered under new DofE regulations e.g. Close to home, No requirement to camp.
  • Expedition locations will be local and social distancing means we will not provide transport. This means parents will need to deliver and collect explorers each day.


Prices are estimated to be £25-£35 for each Bronze practice and qualifying expeditions and £50-£70 for each Silver practice and qualifying expeditions. There is no charge for the training itself.

These prices will be confirmed based on numbers and the effect of measures required to be put in place.

Key Dates:

Deadline for signing up (either through the Online Scout Manager invitation sent to your Explorer Unit or by emailing James Sawdy (james.sawdy@sealionscouts.org.uk) is 21st November 2020. It may not be possible to accept participants after this date but this will depend on numbers.

It is critical that any Explorer Scout wishing to take part in these expeditions is available for both the practice and qualifying expeditions, and ideally they would attend all the training sessions. The dates may not work for everyone (especially with exams) and so if anyone has issues with any particular date they should let the organisers know. Depending on which one it is, missing one training or planning session may not be an issue.

First Zoom meeting/Kick-off: Saturday 28th November 2020 at 2pm.

Wimbledon Common Navigation Training Day: Saturday 16th January

Bronze Practice: Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd April

Silver Practice: Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd April (can also count as Bronze Qualifying Expedition for anyone working towards Silver who missed their Bronze expedition with us last year)

Bronze Qualifying: Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th July

Silver Qualifying: Saturday 24 to Monday 26th July

Zoom meeting details will be sent by email to participants in advance. 

28/11/2020 2pm to 4pm - DofE Session 1 (Introduction to Expeditions and Kit)

5/12/2020 2pm to 4pm - DofE Session 2 (Navigation Skills)

30/01/2021 2pm to 4pm - DofE Session 4 (First Aid and Safety)

13/02/2021 2pm to 4pm - DofE Session 5 (Food and Menu Planning)

27/02/2021 2pm to 4pm - DofE Session 6 (Practice Expedition Route Planning Part A)

06/03/2021 2pm to 4pm - DofE Session 7 (Practice Expedition Route Planning Part B)

24/04/2021 2pm to 4pm - DofE Session 8 (Practice Expedition Debrief)

08/05/2021 2pm to 4pm - DofE Session 9 (Qualifying Expedition Route Planning Part A)

15/05/2021 2 pm to 4pm - DofE Session 10 (Qualifying Expedition Route Planning Part B)

These will be with a little and often approach to minimise the length of Zoom activities and will be more easily caught up on for those participants who might not be able to make all the sessions.

Sign Up:

To sign up for a DofE expedition you must be registered for an award. If you would like to take part and are not already, please enroll for Bronze or Silver using the following instructions.


This may take some time to be processed but once complete you should receive a welcome email with information to login to your eDofE portal which you will use to track the award.

Wimbledon and Wandle Please contact your Explorer Leader for details of expeditions in Wimbledon and Wandle District. Explorers are also welcome to sign up for the Richmond, Royal Kingston, and Sutton expeditions (details above).

What's coming up

Module 12 - Delivering a Quality Prog and Prog Planning
18th September 2021, 13:30 - 16:30

Module 14 - Supporting Young People
18th September 2021, 9:30 - 12:30

NRSA Course for Adults (Air Rifle and Pistol)
18th - 19th September 2021

County ADC (Scouts) Virtual Meeting
23rd September 2021, 20:00

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