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Are you a Scout, Explorer Scout, Young Leader, Network Scout or Leader under 25 who likes Scouting but is looking for further challenge and a chance to learn some new skills? The Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) Award gives you a chance to do all this, achieving personal goals and working as a team. There are three levels of awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each has similar requirements, but a progressive level of skill and dedication.  As well as being a great adventure, many employers highly regard the award and can give you the edge when looking for work in the future - a very worthwhile attribute to have on your CV or UCAS personal statement. You can find out more about Duke of Edinburgh's Awards here.

What some GLSW DofE participants said

"Doing DofE with Scouts means you're with people who really care about it." (Bronze participant, 2018)

"It's challenging, but really rewarding with an amazing sense of achievement at the end." (Silver participant, 2018)

"We already knew each other a bit, but working as a team for our DofE expedition has really strengthened our friendship." (Gold participant, 2018)

How much does it cost?

Completing DofE with us through Scouts is excellent value and we have access to very experienced leaders who can deliver a high quality expedition experience at a reasonable price. Registering for the award costs £26 (Bronze and Silver) and £32 (Gold). The cost of completing elements of the award depends very much on the activities you choose. The other element to consider is the cost of the expeditions. In 2018 the cost of expeditions offered by Sutton District to GLSW Scouts was around £50 for Bronze and £80 Silver. The Gold expedition costs included wild country training £85, a practice expedition £125 and the qualifying expedition £125. Scout Groups and Explorer Units are often able to help with the loan of equipment too which keeps costs down.

How do I register?

Step 1 - Talk to your Explorer Leader or District DofE Co-ordinator (see below). Check that you meet any age requirements for your chosen award. You can register for Bronze if you're in year 9 or above and an Explorer Scout. You can register for Silver if you're in year 10 or above. You must be 16 years old or older to register for Gold.

Step 2 - Complete the GLSW Scout DofE Enrolment Form  and return it with payment, or evidence of an online payment, to  DofE.admin@glswscouts.org.uk

Step 3 - When you receive your DofE welcome pack, log in to www.eDofE.org (or download the app to your smartphone) and set up you account. This is where you will keep track of your progress towards your award.

Step 4 - Sign up for an expedition. You can complete a variety of different types of expedition - walking is the most popular but it is also possible to complete sailing, canoe, horse riding and cycling expeditions. If your Explorer Unit is not arranging an expedition you will need to sign up for an expedition yourself. This can be through Scouting or with another provider. There is more information about GLSW Bronze and Silver walking expeditions here and GLSW Gold walking expeditions here

Step 5 - (Gold Awards only) Find a residential opportunity and sign up for it.

Step 6 - Keep logging evidence of your progress on eDofE and when you've completed a section, make sure you submit an Assessor's Report.

And finally - The Chief Scout's Platinum Award, the Chief Scout's Diamond Award and the Queen's Scout Award have similar requirements to DofE awards and can be completed alongside them. Don't forget to 'top-up' your DofE awards to one of Scouting's top awards. You can complete any of these awards until your 25th birthday. You can find out more about what's required here.

I'm an adult and I'd like to get involved in supporting DofE in Scouts

If you're an adult interested in supporting DofE in GLSW we'd love to hear from you. Contact dofe@glswscouts.org.uk and there is more information about being a Leader, Assessor or Expedition Supervisor below.

DofE Training - An Introduction for Leaders and Assessors

DofE Training - Expedition Supervisor Training Course 

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact County Adviser (DofE) Sue Barden


There is a co-ordinator/administrator in each District as follows:

Croydon: Tony Crackett

Sutton: Jon Parker

Wimbledon & Wandle: TBA

Royal Kingston: Peter Morris

Richmond Upon Thames: Dave Wright

Assistant County Commissioner (Top Awards): Ian Tombleson

Assistant County Commissioner (Explorer Scouts): Caroline Sauret and Jane Pringle

What's coming up

County Scout Council Meeting
5th September 2021, 10:00 - 15:30

NRSA Course for Adults (Air Rifle and Pistol)
18th - 19th September 2021

County ADC (Scouts) Virtual Meeting
23rd September 2021, 20:00

County Scout Cooking Competition
10th October 2021

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