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Module 13: Growing the Section
9th May 2021 9:45

Module 15: Promoting Positive Behaviour
9th May 2021 13:00

Module 19: International
23rd May 2021 10:00 - 13:00

Module 17: Running Safe Activties
23rd May 2021 13:00 - 15:00

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Changes to Training

You can find out about the latest changes to training on the headquarters website here

Webinar for Managers and Supporters
7th October 2020

You can watch back the webinar here

The slide deck has not been included here as the information is likely to change, the information in this webinar are correct as of 7th October as far as it was reasonably possible to check.

Table 2 in POR is the authority on current training requirements and can be found here

Current advice on first aid can be found here


Questions asked during the webinar:

Who needs to do module 17?

Supporters, Exec Members, Standard SAS members, section assistants etc. only need to do the online safety training.

Leaders and Assistant Leaders will need to do module 17

Managers will need to do Safety for Managers and supporters

Does Virtual First Aid county to run f2f meetings?

The final decision will be with the District Commissioner and their approval team, it may be possible that where there is nobody with a full first aid certificate is available that virtual first aid could be adequate cover until we are able to deliver full first response courses.

Are there plans to extend training timescales due to covid?

There is no plan to extend time periods for wood badges or compliance training, if anything it is more important that training is completed as soon as possible using zoom or small groups.

First aid practical assessments will not be able to resume until we are at green

On transitional arrangements 

Group/District supporters now need to do getting started, check table 2 in POR 

Anyone who has not validated an old module 1 or 1EX will need to validate the new modules.

Nobody will need to re-do training, Anyone who validated old module 1 some time ago but hasn't had MOGL requirements will now be asked to keep safety and safeguarding up to date.

if you have any further questions you can ask your local training manager or email jack.wensley@glswscouts.org.uk

September 2020

From September 2020 Module 1: Essential Information, GDPR, Safeguarding and Safety will all be validated online. Module 1E for executive committee members will be replaced with Module 1: Essential Information and an additional Introduction for Executive Committee Members.

Module 6: Changes in Scouting will be discontinued as a separate module, with the content incorporated into Module 1: Essential Information

Safety and Safeguarding mandatory ongoing learning will need to be revalidated every 3 years instead of every 5 years.

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