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Red Flare 2018 - Cancelled/Postponed

2nd March 2018

Due to the continuing adverse weather conditions and having weighed up all the pros and cons I have taken the decision to cancel/postone this weekend's Operation Red Flare. I realise that most of the Explorers will be very disappointed, but there will be fewer anxious parents.

I have been in contact with Bentley Copse to see how we might stage the event rather than cancel it altogether this year. There are a very few alternatives, which I set out below, and I would be grateful if you would consult with your Units and Networks, and indicate which dates work for you. We will then go with the optimum date.

April 28/29 : The advantage is that it is in the relativgely near future. Disadvantage - it gets dark later and teams starting early get more daylight hours. Sunset is at 8.18 pm. It is also close to the exam season.

October 6/7 : Sunset is 6.27 pm, which makes for a slightly later start than this weekend. We could compensate by having 3 minute instead of 5 minute start intervals. The date is 7 months away and so some Explorers in your team(s) may have moved on, gone to university etc.

November 17/18 : Sunset is 4.07 pm so we could start earlier, say first team starts 5 pm or even 4.30 pm. Again the date is well into the future.

I appreciate that for the further dates we might lose some teams, but we might gain others.

I have to give Bentley Copse our preferred choice on Monday so please consult and give me your answer before then.

Thank you for your forebearance with this.


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