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Dean Jefferys Retires as London Regional Commissioner

15th September 2016

Dear Friends,

Please find below the text of an announcement sent out to the County Commissioners last week by Alex Peace-Gadsby, Chief Commissioner for England:

ďAs you will be aware, London Regional Commissioner Dean Jefferys started his appointment in 2011 and is the longest serving Regional Commissioner in England. After five and a half years he has decided that now is the perfect time to step aside and to let someone else take on the challenge of leading London Scouting.

Dean has been responsible for some great initiatives in the region. He has led on talent management with the Young Managers courses, contributed to a number of HQ committees and search groups, has helped to embed the Regional Services Team firmly across London, has provided some great support to the regionís County Commissioners and the Capital continues to have the highest year on year record of adult recognition through the awards process, contributing to volunteers feeling valued and proud. Much has changed for the better, and Dean can be very proud of the Region that he leaves behind.

There will be time to thank Dean in due course and he will continue to provide much valued support to the region while the search process for his successor takes place and will, kindly, help to ensure there is a robust handover. Jamie MacDonald will support the search process alongside myself.

If you want to put forward any names you feel we should approach as part of the search process or, indeed, would like to nominate yourself, please let Jamie MacDonald (national Regional Services Manager) or myself know. We will circulate an advert in due course and would appreciate you publicising this as widely as possible for us so we can ensure all possible successors are made aware and have the option to apply.

Dean and I wanted to make sure you were the first to know before we communicated this wider to the rest of the region. If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to contact Dean or I.

Thank you for all that you do for London Scouting and for the personal support that you have given Dean over the last five and a half years. I know he always speaks very highly of you all and both he and are grateful beyond words for all you do.Ē

Being Regional Commissioner for London, and leading the 47,000 members in the capital has undoubtably been the greatest honour of my life. I have seen first-hand some of the very best examples of humanity and truly inspirational scouting. Our young people are so lucky. I've also shed the odd tear of sadness or frustration. Knowing that I would have liked to have achieved more and thinking at length of those who are no longer around, especially my dear friend Ben Richardson, former CC for GLSE. Being only a month younger than me his passing hit me hard, but I am grateful to have known him and to have been inspired by his strength of character, especially towards the end.

While not trying to blow a trumpet I am incredibly proud of how we have moved things on. Our CCs meetings are more productive and worthwhile, the atmosphere between the County Commissioners is phenomenal, there is much greater cross-County working and the District Commissioners have been immense . There is so much to celebrate and I think I can take a bit of pride. We have created a great atmosphere and a real Regional identity and the next stage for London Scouting is surely all about turning these solid foundations into clear and sustained growth and development everywhere. It can happen and it will.

I don't plan to disappear. I'm getting more and more involved with delivering front line Scouting and bizarrely at present I am running a Cub Pack, so right back to where I began volunteering in 1996! I'm also now a County Vice President in GLNE, which was a great and unexpected honour, and I plan to use this role to support in a wide ranging way.

I will forever be here as a friend and supporter and if I can do anything to help your respective Counties or you personally just let me know. However I'm also no fan of being the 'Ghost of Christmas Past', so once a new Regional Commissioner is in place I will leave the stage and it will be up to him or her to set the new direction. They are very lucky as the only way is up!

I have been so lucky to have such an amazing County & District Commissioner team. A number of people have come and gone, but we have always had amazing individuals, fantastic enthusiasm and an unrivalled team spirit which other Regions would kill for. London Scouting is a happy and stable ship and even with me leaving the wheel, I do so with huge confidence and optimism for the future due to the tremendous leadership and inspiration which you all offer. You are all amazing. Thank you for helping me to do this role.

I have also had tremendous support from the Regional Services Team (formerly the RDS) who have been unstintingly supportive and positive. Working with Debbie Evans and her team (in it's various guises) has been both rewarding and fulfilling and I thank them all for their hard work and encourgement to me. I also must pay tribute to Trish Neal, our volunteer Regional Administrator who organises our CCs meetings, takes the minutes, keeps us all organised and oversees the Regional finances too. You are and always have been a star!

A Search Process will begin soon and I would urge you all to contribute and to share the details widely. London Scouting needs an excellent person to take things on and a lengthy list of potential candidates is always a good start! In the meantime it is business as usual. The search and induction may take us up to the end of the year, so I'll be honouring all the diary dates I have and continuing to manage and support you. The 'farewell tour' starts here though, so make the most of my presence and my support. You certainly won't notice any drop off.

The last five and a half years have truly been a blast. None of it however could have happened without your never ending belief in me and without your life changing impact locally. On behalf of all the young people we work with and inspire can I just leave you with two simple words ...


Dean Jefferys, soon to be ex-Regional Commissioner for London

Dean Jefferys

Regional Commissioner for London

The Scout Association

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