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St George's Day Parade
22nd April 2018

QSA/DofE Gold Qualifying Expedition Planning
6th May 2018 16:30 - 19:00

Croydon District AGM
10th May 2018 19:30 - 22:00

Richmond: 1HH Royal Navy Inspection
22nd May 2018

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County Scout Night Exercise 2013 - Results

19th March 2013

County Scout Night Exercise 2013 - Results

County Scout Night Exercise, Boidierhurst
16th/17th March 2013

Once again, another great County Scout event, even though the weather was atrocious, the paths and tracks were running with water and for those camping on site, the frequent bursts of heavy rain made for a very cold and muddy camp.  I would just like to congratulate EVERY Scout who took part in this epic, you are all real heros, battling through some of the worst conditions possible.

This event requires a huge amount of preparation and behind the scenes work, it is vital that every detail is thoroughly checked so that those taking part can enjoy a properly planned and safe experience. 

Many thanks to all those who made this possible, to the Leaders who spent long cold hours on checkpoints, ensuring the safe passage of all the teams along the route and to the mobile marshals who looked out for lost walkers and ferried some very tired teams back to base. On the night, the event base needs a team of experts to register teams, check kit, ensure map references are right, take photos, keep radio contact with all bases, compile the scores, print certificates and at the end of the exercise make sure soup, hot drinks, hot dogs and biscuits are available.

As always the scores were very close, (details attached) so congratulations to the winning team, 22nd Wimbledon, with 7th Hampton A and 3rd Hampton Hill in joint second place.

Next year we are hoping to use a completely new and different area of countryside, ensuring that the County Scout Night Exercise continues to offer all Scouts a top quality, thoroughly challenging event.

Robin Burr

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