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QSA/DofE Gold Qualifying Expedition Planning
6th May 2018 16:30 - 19:00

Croydon District AGM
10th May 2018 19:30 - 22:00

Richmond: 1HH Royal Navy Inspection
22nd May 2018

County AGM
6th June 2018 20:00 - 22:00

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Compass Is Coming - Are You Ready?

26th November 2013

Compass Is Coming - Are You Ready?

The new scout membership data base is called Compass and is coming in 2014, are you ready? We are all asked to check that our current record is correct on the HQ membership database. We can edit our own basic personal details and our Appointments Secretary has the access to make other changes if we see something that is wrong.

Compass will be the reference point for all membership information. For adults this will include their appointment, training, authorisations and renewal dates (First Aid, Safeguarding, Safety etc.). For youth members it will include joining dates, achievement and activity awards.

The content of Compass and data protection questions have been carefully addressed and the following statement has been made by HQ:
“The TSA Board of Trustees at their September 2013 meeting AGREED that: 
a)  All membership data, both youth and adult, must be recorded and maintained in Compass, the  Association’s membership system
b)   POR is amended consistent with decision ‘a’, with the precise wording to be agreed by the  Operations Committee at their October 2013 meeting; and
c)   Other data protection rule changes pertinent to recording and maintaining membership data in Compass must be presented to the Operations Committee at their October 2013 meeting for approval.
The Operations Committee AGREED the draft wording for the relevant statements in POR at their October 2013 meeting and:
a)      The revised POR will be publicised on 6th December for pre-launch checks. It will include all POR changes including those related to clarifying membership and related to data protection rule changes pertinent to recording and maintaining membership data in Compass.
b)      The final version of the revised POR will be launched on 24th January 2014 

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