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Walton Firs - Use it? Can you support it?

Walton Firs - Use it? Can you support it?

For the past three or four years we at Walton Firs Foundation have been moving towards replacing the “renowned” 1940s toilet and shower block at Walton Firs Activity Centre in Cobham. We have taken note of the various comments as filled in by our visitors after their stay and put in place a plan to construct a new facility which will reflect the requirements and standards of today.

A sub-committee of the Advisory Management Group set to the task of bringing together a specification for the build. This provides for the now necessary, separate leaders’ showers and W.C. facilities, male and female wheelchair accessible showers and W.C.s along with the required, ambulant disabled facilities. The overall design and layout follows the Department of Education advice and design notes in order to provide for 400 youngsters and staff. Tenders have been received and the costs involved will be slightly in excess of £300,000.

We have considered our options and the view is that further delay would undoubtedly increase our build cost and we therefore intend to shortly place the contract and commence construction at the end of September this year enabling use by Spring 2016.

At this moment in time we have £220,000 in the bank for this project and have already received much appreciated support in the form of materials and professional services at greatly reduced prices, saving us considerable sums in preparation work for the actual build. We are endeavouring to cover the shortfall, have had offers of interest-free loans and are exploring various grants and fundraisers. As you can imagine, additional assistance in covering this gap would be very welcome at this stage and we would ask you to consider a contribution to the cause. I therefore attach a sponsorship form for your consideration. This contribution could, of course, be gift aided if appropriate.

If you think that some of your friends may like to help on this project, please forward them a copy of this email, or contact Debs at Walton Firs (01932 863243) so that she may contact them direct.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely,


Rob Woolford


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