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Got A Boat - Is it Registered?

Got A Boat - Is it Registered?

Boat Examinations
Just a short note, now that the boating season has started, to remind you that all boats owned by Groups, Districts or Units need to be examined annually.
The rules are that for two years each boat needs to be self examined by a competant person and on the third year by a County appointed boat examiner.
Once examined the examination certificate needs to be sent to the County Boat Registrar (ACC - Activities, Robin Corti) for registration and the issuing a a boat sticker for that year.
No boats can be used until the examination has taken place and the boat registered and the sticker issued and placed on the boat.
Can you please ensure that any scouts boats you are responsible for (or use) are examined and registered as required.
It is important that when boats are examined that the registered boat number previously issued continues to be used on the new certificate, and also all new boats are notified and all disposed of boats are also notified.
Robin Corti

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