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Box Kart Racing

Box Kart Racing

The Box Kart Supreme is in it's 12th year this year. 

It is the brain child of Stephen and Amanda Bell (SASU Manager's West Sussex) and has grown each year. It initially hosted a few local to them Cub packs, but now has entries from all over England, 2 from N.Ireland and 2 from Wales. 

Each cub pack makes their own box kart to strict specifications and in teams of 6, race the things around a figure of 8 track laid out on the motor circuit at Goodwood. 

Spaces are limited to 42 and fill up within days of opening. 

Entry is 25 per team. 

Spectating is free and all are welcome to join in the festivities. 

As well as the racing there will be a Scout marching band, food stalls etc... 

Any further questions, don't hesitate to contact Stephen Bell - he can be found on FB.


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