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Queen's Scout and Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award Expedition Training Course
25th - 28th January 2018

BOOK NOW - N.S.R.A.'s Youth Proficiency Scheme, Tutor Diploma Course
27th 10:00 - 28th January 2018 16:00

County ADC (Beavers) Meeting
8th February 2018 20:00

Module 12
10th February 2018 9:45 - 16:30

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Any Old Books - Community Service Project

11th April 2014

Any Old Books - Community Service Project

Bookbridge is a charity which aims to improve children’s access to education in developing countries. It does this by establishing learning centres, training teachers and supplying schools with books collected by UK Scouts. 
What London Scouts can do to help? Collect and donate unwanted children’s books. We have collected over 100,000 books in recent years but need more for centre’s opening in Cambodia during 2014. 
Dean – could you help us raise awareness of this Scout community campaign by tweeting or sharing with your contacts? 
Tweet- Inspiring international community project, collect children’s books and donate them to improve access to education in developing countries. Get involved.

Contact ukscouts@bookbridge.org.uk  mailto:ukscouts@bookbridge.org.uk  Downloadable Poster

Background – A group of Scouts visited a Mongolian Scout troop and noted during their stay that the local children had a real thirst to learn English but had very few books and resources.  Upon their return the Scouts started to collect books and within a few years had succeeded in raising sufficient funds and enough books to achieve their aim of opening a learning centre in rural Mongolia.
The Scouts could see the dramatic impact on the local community with the immediate access to books expanding to include free lessons, teacher training, and the learning centre becoming both financially self-sufficient and at the heart of the community.
In a short period of time this Scout community project has been transformed into a charity which uses a social enterprise approach to set up learning centres in rural areas of developing countries. There are now 12 centres open and thriving.
The learning centres bring quality education to people in need and also serve as real life case studies in a leadership development capability program for young professionals and experienced managers to learn project planning, working with multiple stakeholders and leading diverse teams in different cultural contexts.  The funding from companies and individuals taking part in the leadership development programme covers the start-up costs for new centres and associated operating costs.








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